Jo Coupe: Blending In

Taking gallery walls as one of her subjects, Jo Coupe has contributed to In and Out of Sight by blending in. Her work is, in some ways, indistinguishable from its surroundings, just visible (or audible) enough to provoke some uncertainty about where the gallery ends and the artwork begins. In common with Elizabeth Murton’s installation, Between … More Jo Coupe: Blending In

In and Out of Sight

The latest set of installations in the Gallery brings together the work of four artists: Catherine Bertola, Cath Campbell, Jo Coupe, and Jennifer Douglas. Near the gallery entrance, walls are lined with Douglas’ large canvases of distressed canvases coated with hues of grey floor paint upon which varying marks have been made. In the alcove opposite, Coupe’s sound installation fills the upper … More In and Out of Sight

Sarah Evans and David Kefford: Playful Process

Following their first one-day artist project, Aid & Abet (Sarah Evans and David Kefford)  returned to the UH Gallery to invite students to find playful “relationships between two things”. With the same “co-production” approach as their first project, Evans and Kefford guided participants in the creation of abstract objects, which then formed the basis of stop-motion … More Sarah Evans and David Kefford: Playful Process

Sarah Evans and David Kefford: Collaborative Drawing

This week, Aid & Abet (AKA Sarah Evans and David Kefford) facilitated an experimental drawing session in the Art & Design Gallery. Inspired by Surrealist and Dadaist games, Evans and Kefford invited participants from across the School of Creative Arts to collaborate, led by the research question, “what happens when you combine, collide and layer multiple artworks?” … More Sarah Evans and David Kefford: Collaborative Drawing

Jon Myers: People, Places and Empty Spaces

John Myers’ current exhibition of portraits and suburban landscapes, taken in the West Midlands in the 1970s, represents Myers’ personal, and yet depersonalized, relationship with his surroundings, his friends and acquaintances. The exhibition collects black and white images of the people and places that he encountered as part of his everyday activities. Myers’ stresses that … More Jon Myers: People, Places and Empty Spaces

One Day Artist’s Project: Body/Object/Space

On Wednesday, the Art & Design gallery was filled with oddly shaped, brightly-coloured beasts. These are an interdisciplinary group of visitors and students, transformed into clothed objects with guidance from visiting artist Nigel Grimmer. Participants collaborated with Grimmer for his project, Body/Object/Space, using piles of clothes to become temporary, abstract sculptures. While these “body sculptures” are temporary, Grimmer … More One Day Artist’s Project: Body/Object/Space

Elizabeth Murton: Exhibition experiences

Participants in Saturday’s symposium were invited to experience activities to extend their appreciation of the themes that underlie Elizabeth Murton’s installation. Presentations on anatomy, meditation and architecture enabled visitors to develop a deeper appreciation of Murton’s work, and prompted them to look more closely at the installation and the space that it occupies. Armed with new knowledge, these … More Elizabeth Murton: Exhibition experiences

Elizabeth Murton: The Instalation

Elizabeth Murton’s installation, Between Materials and Mechanisms, is now fully installed in the gallery on College Lane. Fibres criss-cross the gallery, tracing a path around pillars, and connecting the floor, wall and ceiling as if the architecture of the building is held together by the tension of the threads. Red, “Hairy yarn” plays the role of muscles, … More Elizabeth Murton: The Instalation